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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp November
NovemberMushrooming SeasonHarvest Festival

November is the month for mushrooms in Animal Crossing. From November 1st to 30th, you can harvest 4 or 5 different mushrooms and one of these is an item from Mush Series.

There will be a fishing tourney this November 18th. Chip would like to have Carp, Black Bass and Horse Mackerel in this tournament. This is your chance to win the trophy and to gather up items from Fishing series.

Harvest Festival will be on November 23rd of this year. Franklin will need your assistance to gather ingredients for his dishes. You can receive items from Harvest series or a fruit basket from him. If you got the 4 secret ingredients, you’ll acquire a bonus item which is a cornucopia.

AC Pocket Camp global release

The newest Animal Crossing game on mobile devices, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, will be globally released in November 2017!





NameCatch RatesSell Price
emperor butterflyemperor butterfly0.2475%3000
monarch butterflymonarch butterfly24.7525%10
tiger butterflytiger butterfly24.7525%10


NameCatch RatesSells For
horned dynastidhorned dynastid24.7525%100
fruit beetlefruit beetle24.7525%10
jewel beetlejewel beetle0.3300%2500
miyama stagmiyama stag0.4125%1500



FishCatch RateSell Price
pale chubpale chub24.7525%10
yellow perchyellow perch24.7525%10
crucian carpcrucian carp24.7525%10
black bassblack bass24.75%100
rainbow troutrainbow trout0.5776%1500


FishCatch RateSell Price
horse mackerelhorse mackerel19.8020%10
olive flounderolive flounder19.8020%10
red snapperred snapper19.8020%100
football fishfootball fish0.3300%3000

November in other Animal Crossing games

Shop information


  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
AntAll day80
Bagworm7pm - 8am300
BeeAll day2,000
Centipede4pm - 11pm300
Cricket5pm - 8am130
Flea70All day70
FlyAll day60All day
Long Locust8am - 7pm200
Mantis8am - 5pm430
Migratory Locust8am - 7pm600
Mole CricketAll day280
Monarch ButterflyAll day140
Orchid Mantis8am - 5pm2,400
Pill BugAll day250
Violin Beetle4am - 5pm250
Walkingstick4am - 7pm600
Walking Leaf4am - 7pm600
Wharf RoachAll day200


  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Barbel SteedAll day200
Barred KnifejawAll day5,000
BitterlingAll day5,000
Black BassAll day300
BlowfishAll day125
Bluegill9am - 4pm300
CarpAll day300
Char4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm3,800
Cherry Salmon4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm1,000
CoelacanthAll day15,000
Crucian CarpAll day120
Dace4pm - 9am200
Football Fish4pm - 9am2,500
Freshwater GobyAll day300
Giant TrevallyAll day4,500
GoldfishAll day1,300
Guppy9am - 4pm1,300
Horse MackerelAll day150
KoiAll day4,000
LobsterAll day2,500
Mitten Crab4pm - 9am2,000
Neon Tetra9am - 4pm500
Octopus4pm - 9am2,000
Olive FlounderAll day800
Pale Chub9am - 4pm160
Pike4pm - 9am1,800
Popeyed Goldfish9am - 4pm1,300
RayAll day3,000
Rainbow Trout4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm800
Red SnapperAll day3,000
Ribbon EelAll day600
Sea BassAll day200
Sea HorseAll day1,100
TunaAll day7,000
Whale SharkAll day13,000
Yellow PerchAll day240
Zebra TurkeyfishAll day400

Deep Sea Creatures

  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month
Abalone4pm - 9am400
Acorn BarnacleAll day200
Chambered NautilusAll day900
ClamAll day400
Ear Shell4pm - 9am300
Giant IsopodAll day9,000
Horsehair CrabAll day4,000
LobsterAll day2,500
Mantis Shrimp4pm - 9am1,250
OctopusAll day1,000
OysterAll day400
Pearl OysterAll day1,600
Red King CrabAll day6,000
Spiny Lobster4pm - 9am3,000
ScallopAll day1,000
Sea AnemoneAll day100
Sea CucumberAll day150
Sea SlugAll day200
Sea StarAll day100
SeaweedAll day200
Snow CrabAll day4,000
Spotted Garden EelAll day600
Sweet Shrimp4pm - 9am650
Turban Shell4pm - 9am300

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 2017


Will there be special events in Pocket Camp?
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