Animal Crossing Pocket Camp clothes catalog, tops, dresses, shoes, bottoms, socks, shoes, hats, accessories.
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update 16/11/2017
accessorieshair accessories
star hairpin
star hairpin
yellow ribbon
yellow ribbon
aloha setgradient
yellow aloha tee
yellow aloha tee
-blue tie-dye tee
blue tie-dye tee


Riley Harrison
Are there any wigs in this game?
<< Anonymous(Riley Harrison)
Anonymous Reply
there is the geisha wig which you can obtain in the craft menu for ~2000 bells. In addition to this, you can purchase limited-time wigs as part of a fortune cookie for 50 leaf tickets.
No pirate stuff?
They show off the water rug and furniture but no pirate hat or captains coat?
Any benefits or rewards in collecting and completing clothes?
<< Anonymous(MisTherYosAH)
ZXanderF Reply
I guess none. It just like the unlocking it in the catalog. you cant even give it to your friends. Just save your bells for the future. lol

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Flora 2
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