August [2017]

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp August events, birthdays, bugs, fishes, and deep sea creatures.
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update 29/10/2017
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There will be a fireworks display every Sunday evening throughout the month of August. You can get boppers and fountain fireworks from Isabelle. You can also buy cookies from Redd.

Another Bug-off contest will occur in this month, so don’t miss the chance to complete the items from Insect series and to win the trophy.


Every SundayFireworks show
Aug 19Bug Off

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  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Agrias Butterfly8am - 5pm3,000
AntAll day80
Atlas Beetle7pm - 8am8,000
Banded Dragonfly8am - 5pm4,500
BeeAll day2,000
Birdwing butterfly8am - 5pm4,000
Brown Cicada8am - 5pm200
Centipede4pm - 11pm300
Cicada ShellAll day100
Common Butterfly4am - 7pm90
cyclommatus5pm - 8am8,000
Darner Dragonfly8am - 5pm200
Diving Beetle8am - 5pm800
Dynastid Beetle5pm - 8am1,350
Elephant Beetle7pm - 8am8,000
Emperor Butterfly5pm - 8am2,500
Evening Cicada4am - 8am, 4pm - 7pm550
Flea70All day70
FlyAll day60All day
Fruit BeetleAll day100
Giant Stag (Giant Beetle)11pm - 8am10,000
Giant Cicada8am - 5pm500
Giant Petaltail (Petaltail Dragonfly)8am - 5pm500
Golden Stag5pm - 8am12,000
Goliath Beetle5pm - 8am6,000
Grasshopper9am - 4pm160
Hercules Beetle (Horned Hercules7pm - 4am12,000
Hermit Crab7pm - 8am1,000
Honeybee8am - 5pm100
House Centipede7pm - 8am250
Jewel Beetle8am - 5pm2,400
Lantern Fly4pm - 7pm, 11pm - 8am1,800
Long Locust8am - 7pm200
Longhorn Beetle8am - 5pm260
Mantis8am - 5pm430
Migratory Locust8am - 7pm600
Miyama StagAll day1,000
Mosquito5pm - 4am130
Moth7pm - 4am60
Oak Silk Moth7pm - 4am1,200
Orchid Mantis8am - 5pm2,400
Peacock Butterfly8am - 5pm220
Pill BugAll day250
Pondskater8am - 7pm130
Rainbow Stag7pm - 8am10,000
Raja Brooke Butterfly8am - 5pm2,500
Rice Grasshopper8am - 7pm400
Robust Cicada8am - 5pm300
Saw Stag BeetleAll day2,000
Scarab Beetle11pm - 8am6,000
Scorpion7pm - 4am8,000
SnailAll day (Rain)250
SpiderAll day300
Stink BugAll day120
Tarantula7pm - 4am8,000
Tiger Beetle8am - 7pm1,500
Tiger Butterfly8am - 5pm160
Walker Cicada8am - 5pm400
Walkingstick4am - 7pm600
Walking Leaf4am - 7pm600
Wharf RoachAll day200


  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Angelfish4pm - 9am1,000
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
Arowana4pm - 9am10,000
Barbel SteedAll day200
Barred KnifejawAll day5,000
Black BassAll day300
Blue MarlinAll day10,000
Bluegill9am - 4pm300
ButterflyfishAll day1,000
CarpAll day300
Catfish4pm - 9am800
ClownfishAll day650
CoelacanthAll day15,000
CrawfishAll day250
Crucian CarpAll day120
Dace4pm - 9am200
Dorado4am - 9pm 15,000
Eel4pm - 9am2,000
Freshwater GobyAll day300
FrogAll day120
Gar4pm - 9am6,000
Giant Snakehead9am - 4pm5,500
Giant TrevallyAll day4,500
GoldfishAll day1,300
Guppy9am - 4pm1,300
Hammerhead Shark4pm - 9am8,000
Horse MackerelAll day150
KillifishAll day300
KoiAll day4,000
Moray EelAll day2,000
NapoleonfishAll day10,000
Nibble Fish9am - 4pm1,200
Neon Tetra9am - 4pm500
Ocean Sunfish4pm - 9am4,000
Olive FlounderAll day800
Pale Chub9am - 4pm160
Piranha9am - 4pm, 9pm - 4am2,500
Popeyed Goldfish9am - 4pm1,300
Puffer FishAll day240
RayAll day3,000
Red SnapperAll day3,000
Ribbon EelAll day600
Saddled Bichir9pm - 4am4,000
Saw Shark4pm - 9am12,000
Sea BassAll day200
Sea HorseAll day1,100
Shark9pm - 4am15,000
Soft-Shelled Turtle4pm - 9am3,750
SquidAll day400
SurgeonfishAll day1,000
SweetfishAll day900
Whale SharkAll day13,000
Zebra TurkeyfishAll day400

Deep Sea Creatures

  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Abalone4pm - 9am400
Acorn BarnacleAll day200
Chambered NautilusAll day900
Ear Shell4pm - 9am300
Flatworm4pm - 9am200
Giant IsopodAll day9,000
Horseshoe Crab4pm - 9am200
LobsterAll day2,500
Mantis Shrimp4pm - 9am1,250
Pearl OysterAll day1,600
ScallopAll day1,000
Sea AnemoneAll day100
Sea GrapesAll day600
Sea SlugAll day200
Sea StarAll day100
Sea UrchinAll day800
Spotted Garden EelAll day600
Tiger Prawn4pm - 9am1,600
Turban Shell4pm - 9am300

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