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What is a Leaf Ticket?

Similar to Bells, Leaf Tickets are another form of currency in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. These tickets are used to purchase premium items and additional content in the game.

How to earn Leaf Tickets

Level Up!

You can earn Leaf Tickets every time you step up your character's level. You'll also receive other rewards such as Bells and more game content.

Complete In-game Goals!

You can receive rewards including Leaf Tickets by completing certain goals. There are tons of goals in the game so you might spare the last option below to earn these tickets.

In-App Purchase

If you don't have enough patience and you want to earn tickets quickly, you can purchase Leaf Ticket bundles for a reasonable price. There are a few options to choose from. The more Leaf Tickets you purchase, the higher the discount. It's not highly recommended because there's no fun in spending real money and economy-wise, you should ask your mom about it.

Usage of Leaf Tickets

Purchasing Limited Time Items

Spending your hard-earned Leaf Tickets is the best example of how to use it. Who would hate Tom Nook's or K.K. Slider's chair? You can check these items by tapping the "Craft" option.

Speed up Crafting

Cyrus needs time to craft a piece of furniture or an item for you. If you can't wait, just use your Leaf Tickets to complete it right away.

Expand Crafting Capacity

Initially, Cyrus can only craft one item at a time for you. You can increase his building capacity by paying Leaf Tickets. Upgrading the capacity will save you time in crafting.

Unlock Shovelstrike Quarry

By paying Leaf Tickets, you can easily access the Shovelstrike Quarry in no time every day. There are lots of ore rock you can strike by shoveling in the quarry. You can sell these valuable ores or use them for crafting.

Payment for Throw Net Usage

To catch lots of fish, you can use a throw net; however, a single use of a throw net will cost you 15 Leaf Tickets. You can use the throw net in the sea or in the river.

Increase Your Market Box Slots

To maximize your earnings from selling stuff to your friends, increase the slot of your Market Box. You can add 1 slot permanently by paying 10 Leaf Tickets.

Crafting Amenities

Aside from the materials, Leaf Tickets are also a requirement in crafting amenities. Make sure to save and be mindful of using Leaf Tickets as these will cost you real money.

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But events and hha tho...
They are not required for crafting many things as noted in the last tip, however they are needed when you are short on materials to buy the remainder (in the screenshot they are short 3 essence)
Catching bugs with honey requires leaf tickets too?
I wonder what the max level is, just so we know how much leaf tickets we can get right out the gate.

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