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update 03/11/2017

It's not hard to earn bells in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In fact, there are several ways to gain Bells depending on what you love doing. This page lists some of the easiest and best ways to farm Bells in a short time.

What is "Bell"?

Bell is the main currency of the game. You can use it to purchase items and to craft furniture.

Complete Friend Requests

One of the best ways to play the game is to make several friends. Friends will occasionally ask you for a request when you speak to them. Every time you complete a request they will reward you with bells and a few crafting materials.

If you simply choose the talk option they will also give you gifts and sometimes those gifts will be bells and since animal crossing friends will change their location every few hours it is best to have the maximum amount of friends hosted at your camp.

Friends that are staying at your camp will ask for less requests in a single day but they will also give you gifts regularly. While friends not staying at your camp will ask for up to 3 requests per day, you may increase it by another 3 requests by using Request Tickets.

The more items they request for the more bells you receive as a reward. Increasing your friendship level also rewards you with more bells as your relationship level increases.

Shake Trees

Some trees, especially the ones that appear to have no fruits on them will sometimes drop bells. So whenever you’re doing some tree shake downs, don’t forget to shake those empty trees.

Sell Items

While you are collecting bugs, fruits and fish, you’ll sometimes come across a rare one. They hold high value and can be sold on your Market Listings. Likewise, if you have several amounts of the same item, you may sell them at their default price. The emperor butterfly may be sold for 3000 bells by default but some players may value it more than that; so selling rare items on the market listings is a good choice.

Simply Play the Game and Level Up

Leveling up may be one of the best ways to gain bells. They reward you with a ton of bells and leaf tickets every time you level up which is great since you gain experience as you make friends and increase their friendship level. Each level will grant you 10 Leaf tickets and 1000 bells.

Complete Goals

Some Goals will reward you with bells but not all. If you’re in dire need of bells, completing timed goals and stretch goals may help you a bit but this is the worst way to gain bells. However, bells are still bells and we’ll take them if we can get them.

Redeem Points on MyNintendo

If you’re an avid fan of Nintendo games, you may have already gained a few points just from playing their games on your Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch. So if you’re in need of some bells, you might want to consider redeeming some points off of the My Nintendo website. You can redeem more than just bells and you can even redeem some items for free.

Enter the Shovelstrike Quarry

This one is a bit of a stretch but bells are still bells right? The Shovelstrike Quarry can only be entered once a day which can hardly be called a farming method but just for the sake of mentioning it, you gain quite a large amount of bells depending on how much minerals you can get out of the Quarry. Silver and Gold will give you the most amount of bells and a single Silver ore can give you up to 1,900 bells!

So far these are all the ways to gain bells quickly in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game is fairly new and we should expect a bunch of changes in the future. We’ll let you know here first at GameA

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As long as you have Camper Loans to pay, you can never have enough bells.

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