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Locations in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


The campsite is similar to your abode in other Animal Crossing games. As a camp manager, you'll invite campers to visit and stay at your campsite by making them feel at home. You can put furniture they've requested and build amenities for them. Other players can also visit your campsite and give you kudos.

OK Motors

To customize your camper, OK Motors is the place to be. You'll be served by the trio, Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo in personalizing the paint and upgrades. You can visit them anytime you want. Just don't forget to settle your loan with them.

Market Place

The Market Place is like the business hub in the Pocket Camp. It is similar to Main Street of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You'll find the Sable Sisters, Kicks and the Nook Twins selling stuff in rotation. You can also trade items to them. Isabelle also set up her booth here. You check your goals and the beginner's guide to her.

Shovelstrike Quarry

You'll find Lloid in Shovelstrike Quarry. To access this location and help Lloid with his request, you need help from your friends. If you're filthy rich, you can pay 20 Leaf Tickets. You can get valuable minerals by striking stones. You only have limited attempts to guess which stone has minerals. You can access the quarry once a day, but you can enter it by paying Leaf Tickets.

Sunburst Island

Sunburst Island is the best spot to catch bugs and gather coconuts. This place is similar to a tropical island where you can enjoy the sun and the ocean. It resembles the Tortimer Island. There is also a chance you'll meet your friend here and a camper who needs assistance.

Saltwater Shores

To catch salt water creatures such as horse mackerel and squid, head to Saltwater Shores and prepare your fishing pole. You can also pick up some shells and corals along the shore. The throw net is also available to use. It is located in the port beside the lighthouse. Leaf Tickets are required to use it. You can meet a camper or a player here as well!

Locations in other Animal Crossing games


Animal IslandYou can only visit this tropical island with the help of Kapp’n - same with Tortimer Island.
CityThe only way to visit the city is by riding a bus. A variety of shops can be found here.
CampgroundHarvey’s store and RVs are located here.
House (player) Your abode in this town. You can upgrade and decorate this just like your own house
Main StreetThe shopping district of your town in New Leaf.
RVRVs can be found in the campground. You can convince villagers in RVs to move in to your town. You can also buy the furniture inside their RV.
Tortimer IslandYou can visit this island with the help of Kapp'n. The player and their friends can participate in lots of mini-games as well as catch tons of fish and bugs on this island.
TownThis is the village that you will manage as mayor.

Civic structures

Bulletin Board Displays notices and upcoming events in your town. It is located beside the train station.
Bus StopThe light coming from it attracts moths.
DockThe dock is located along the seashore. Kapp'n ferries island visitors to and from Animal and Tortimer Island here.
DumpThis is where you can drop unwanted items for disposal.
Event Plaza An open public space where events are held. The town tree is situated here.
FountainA public works project used to decorate your town
LighthouseIt is an ornamental public works project. Only one lighthouse is available per town.
MuseumThe Museum is where collectible items can be donated and displayed.
Observatory Located in the Museum, here you can stargaze and create constellations.
Police StationA public works project for your lost and found items.Only one police station is available per town.
Post OfficeWhere you can send mail, pay debt and receive online gifts.
Resetti Surveillance Center This is the headquarters and home of the Resetti Brothers.
Town GateA structure allowing the player to host or visit another town.
Town HallYour office as the town mayor is located here. Isabelle works here as your secretary.
Town TreeThe planting of this tree commemorates the start of your role as the town mayor.
Train StationThis structure will allow the player to visit other towns and open the gate for visitors. A locker is also available inside for storage.
WindmillAnother decorative public works project.
Wishing WellSimilar to the Town Plaza, it is another communal hub for holding events in the player's town.
BridgeAvailable as a public works project, it is normally placed over a river or body of water to connect two land masses.

General Store

Tom Nook's storeThis store and all its incarnations are operated and owned by Tom Nook. The player can buy, sell and order items here.
Nook's CrannyThis is the basic, unrenovated Nook store. The player can sell items here to pay their mortgage.
Nook 'n' GoThis is the second expansion of Nook’s store. The player must spend 25,000 Bells to unlock this store.
NookwayThis is the third upgrade of Nook’s store. To unlock this store, the player must spend 65,000 Bells in Nook n’ Go.
Nookington'sThis is the largest version of the Tom Nook’s store. Timmy and Tommy will join Tom Nook as salespeople. Shampoodle will be available for your makeover needs.
Timmy and Tommy's storeThis is the store owned and operated by the Nook twins.
Nookling Junction The initial version of the Nook twins’ store. The player can buy few items here.
T&T MartThis is the second expansion of the Nook Twins' store. The player must spend 12,000 Bells to unlock this store. The catalog machine will be available here.
Super T&TThis is the third upgrade to the Nook Twins' store. The player must spend 25,000 Bells to unlock this store.
T.I.Y.In the fourth expansion, Garden Center will merge with T.I.Y. The player must spend 50,000 Bells in Super T&T to unlock this store.
T&T EmporiumT&T Emporium is the final expansion of the Nookling Junction. The player must spend 100,000 Bells to unlock this store. The Gardening Centre is now part of the the Nookling store franchise, and there is no longer a separate entrance.

Merchants & Entertainment

Able SistersThis is a clothing store managed by the three Able Sisters.
Auction House As its name suggests, it is a place where the player can bid on and sell items to other players
Club LOLThe entertainment center of the player's town. K.K. Slider performs here every night. Dr. Shrunk is also here during the day.
Crazy Redd'sRedd is your primary source of paintings and statues. Beware of fake items from him - you can check their authenticity at the Museum.
Dream SuiteLuna will assist the player in uploading their dream town and visiting the other player's dream towns.
Fortune ShopKatrina will read the player's fortune here for 500 Bells.
Garden CenterThe player can buy flowers, tools,saplings and fertilisers from Leif.
GracieGraceThis can be unlocked once the player has unlocked T&T Emporium and passed Gracie’s fashion check.
Happy Home ShowcaseThis is where the player can visit players’ houses and order their furniture.
Happy Room Academy This is Lyle’s association that evaluates the player's home and allots a score based on their furniture, floors and wall coverings.
KicksThis is where the player can buy shoes and socks.
The MarqueeDr. Shrunk performs here. He will teach the player new emotions.
Museum ShopThe player can buy silver tools and decorative items from Celeste. They can also rent exhibit rooms from her.
Nook's HomesThis shop handles home customisation and upgrades.
Photo BoothThis is used for changing the player's photo on their Town Pass Card.
Re-TailThis store serves as a trading post. Here the player can sell items to Reese and have the option of display your items for sale. Cyrus will helps with customising furniture.
The RoostThe coffee shop of the town, where the player can drink coffee and work as a Barista.
ShampoodleThe salon of the town, where the player can change their hairstyle and color as well as eye color.


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