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update 28/11/2017

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The Shovelstrike Quarry is a place where players may go mining in exchange for some bells and a few other crafting materials. Players will have to mine stones and depending on how lucky they are they can receive a bountiful amount of bells and materials.


The featured material depends and varies from day to day. Each day after the daily reset, the quarry will also reset and the featured item will change as well. Sometimes Lloid will offer bells, essences or the other common crafting materials.

Reward Calculations

RewardMineralMineral Value
(Potential Bonus)
paperpreservescottonsteelwoodgold nugget4 Materials (+2)
100 Bells (+50)
silver nugget2 Materials (+2)
50 Bells (+50)
rubysapphire300 Bells (+200)
cool essencecute essencenatural essencesporty essencerustic essencegold nugget2 Essence (+1)
100 Bells (+50)
silver nugget1 Essence (+1)
50 Bells (+50)
rubysapphire300 Bells (+200)
Bellgold nugget1300 Bells (+200)
silver nugget600 Bells (+200)
rubysapphire300 Bells (+200)
Seasonal Craft Materials
(eg. Candy cane
Candy cane
gold nugget6 Materials (+2)
100 Bells (+50)
silver nugget4 Materials (+2)
50 Bells (+50)
rubysapphireDoes not appear in seasonal craft material quarries.


Inside the Shovelstrike Quarry, there will be rocks that players must mine. Lloid will allow you to mine 5 rocks out of the several rocks inside. Choose carefully! Each rock has a chance to give you higher yielding minerals like ruby and sapphire. After mining a rock, an ore will drop from it. Most of the time you will find silver, gold, ruby, or sapphire ores(in order of value) from the rocks. The more valuable the ore, the more rewards Lloid will give you.

How to access

Players must pay 20 Leaf tickets to enter the quarry and mine for the featured material. Players may also ask other players for help through the friend system.


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No Cotton
Why doesn't the quarry offer me crafting materials like cotton and steel. Is it only Bells and Essences ):
Is there any pattern to what time of the day what prizes will be given away? Or is it completeley random?
I cant understand how Lloid calculate the amount he needs to pay for my ores. can anyone explain this to me?
Someday I'll get in. Someday
<< Anonymous
Summer Reply
post your code here
we will help you to get in! :)

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