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How to farm crafting materials in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, best ways to collect materials, tips for farming materials fast.
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update 21/12/2017

Quick chart

paper Paper

rusticAvery Vesta

Preserves Preserves


Steel Steel

sportyAntonio Butch Cheri Flip Peewee
naturalBeau Eloise Fauna Goldie
cuteBluebearCarrie Ketchup
coolCherryKyle Phoebe Roscoe Sandy
rustic Drake June (villager)

Wood Wood

sportyHopkins Kid Cat Moe Tad
naturalAlfonso Filbert Hamlet Punchy
cuteAppleBunnieChrissy Lily PeanutRosie


What are Crafting Materials?

Crafting materials are used to create furniture and amenities for your camp. New friends whom you want to invite to your camp will want to have their favorite things in your camp. To gain these items, you will need to craft them. Check the link below for a list of crafting materials used in furniture.

How to obtain

As Rewards From Animals

You can get crafting materials as a reward from completing requests from animals. This also increases your animal friends’ relationship levels which will also reward you with materials whenever you increase an animal’s relationship level.

Simply give an animal the items it is asking for and they will reward you with materials. You can receive all the crafting materials from the same animal except for essences. Essences are locked to animals who prefer a certain theme. For instance, if an animal likes cute furniture, it will only give you cute essence.

Additionally, if you are looking for a specific material like cotton, steel, preserves and such, the animal species will determine which materials it will give you. In the photo above, Jay is a small bird species and he gives preserves every time you complete his requests or level up his friendship level. There is a chart below listing which animal type gives which particular material.

As Gifts From Animals

You can also receive materials as gifts from animals. To receive gifts from animals simply speak to them using the second option(the one below the request option). This option is the talk option and you will engage in conversation with the animal.

Additionally, some animals will reward you with a particular material more often. The material frequently given is determined by the species of the animal. Listed below is a chart of which animal type gives which particular material:

Request ticket

You may also use request tickets that will allow you to do more requests from friends. You can only use it three times on a single friend but you should be able to complete more requests this way. It's also a great way to level up both relationship levels and your player level.

Gain Materials from Goals

You can also gain crafting materials from Goals. Simply check your list of Goals (both Stretch Goals and Timed Goals) to see what you must do to earn a reward.

As Rewards from Shovelstrike Quarry

The Shovelstrike Quarry will feature one crafting material and will feature a different one everyday. You will have to spend Leaf Tickets though but going into the shovelstrike quarry is a great way to gain specific materials that you greatly need. List of Featured Items at the Shovelstrike Quarry:

Special Materials


One of the more special materials are essences. These materials can only be obtained from animals either in the form of rewards or gifts. Essences are specific to certain animals in which you can only obtain natural essences from animals who prefer natural themes. Here’s a list of essences and where you can obtain them:

EssenceHow to get
natural essence
natural essence
Obtain from Natural Animals.
cool essence
cool essence
Obtain from Cool Animals.
sporty essence
sporty essence
Obtain from Sporty Animals.
cute essence
cute essence
Obtain from Cute Animals.
Rustic essence
Rustic essence
Obtain from Rustic Animals.

Friendship Powder

Friendship Powder is another material that you won’t easily obtain. Although there are few items that require friendship powder, the items that do need them are quite special themselves and are nice additions to your camp.

You can only obtain friendship powder by completing the daily timed goal that requires you to give kudos to other players. Give kudos to three other players and you will be rewarded with 5 friendship powder. Doing this daily is a great way to farm friendship powder.

Sparkle Stones

Sparkles stones are pretty hard to obtain as well since you can only obtain them by reaching relationship level 9 with an animal. After reaching level 9, the animal will reward you with sparkles stones every now and then but only in small amounts and only after you’ve leveled up an animal. Sparkle stones are used to craft wallpapers and floor tiles.

What to do with Crafting Materials

Now that you know how to gather crafting materials, it's time to learn how to use them. Crafting Materials are used to create items in Animal Crossing. Normally, crafting items are used to create furniture and amenities but in a future patch players will be able to craft clothing as well.

How to Make Furniture

Simply tap the craft icon on the bottom. It is the second option on your menu showing a hammer and wood saw. Once the crafting menu opens up, you can choose from a variety of craftable items. These items can be used to customize your camp however way you wish!

You will need some bells and the required materials for that item you are crafting. Aside from those things you will also have to wait for your item to be crafted. Some items will take as short as 3 minutes to craft while other items such as amenities can take up to 40 hours! You can check their required time to craft before you craft them so you can properly manage your crafting queue since you’re only allowed to queue up to 3 items. Alternatively, you may also choose to speed up the crafting process by using Leaf Tickets which will instantly complete your crafted item.

Once your item is ready you can now place them anywhere in your camp!

Crafting Tents & Amenities

Another feature that can be crafted are amenities. Amenities are upgradable items that increase the maximum relationship level of animals. Most amenities will consume a lot of materials and can take as long as 40 hours to complete. Amenities also have their own queue separate from your furniture and can only be queued one at a time. To craft amenities, simply go into your crafting options and then tap on the tent icon found at the end of your crafting selections.

Special Furniture

You can craft certain furniture that will only be available for a limited amount of time. They won’t cost you any materials or bells and they certainly won’t cost you any time either but they will cost a lot of Leaf Tickets but once you craft them they’re yours forever. What makes these furnitures special is that they will bring special friends over to your camp.

Depending on which furniture it belongs to of course, players will be able to have exclusive Animal Crossing friends from previous Animal Crossing games over to their camp without consuming a slot on the invited friends list. They won’t do much but long-time Animal Crossing fans will surely enjoy the company of their favorite friends.

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Are there specific camper that provide certain crafting material?
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you camper as in the animals? some species will give more cotton. Some species will give more steel, etc.
I need more cottons and wood! Can we buy them instead?
<< Anonymous(Galway_Gurl)
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Just link your Nintendo ID to your game and use your NIntendo coins to redeem materials.
Materials. There is just never enough >.>
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