Host the Most Initiative

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp special event: Host the Most Initiative, bonus experience, how to raise friendship level, and tips.
AC Pocket Camp Top Story
New animals have been leaked!!
update 05/12/2017

Event Guide

What is the Event?

PeriodDec 21 - Dec 27

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hosting an increased experience gain event. Titled as “ Host the Most Initiative” event. Any animal will gain +3 experience (EXP) for completing any requests instead of the usual +2 EXP gain. During this time, your animals will be able to gain friendship level faster than usual. A great way to quickly level up your favorite animals.

How to Gain Bonus EXP

The event only applies to animal friendly requests and not special requests which already give you large amounts of EXP nor does the event apply to EXP gained from asking about an animal's day.

Prepare in Advance

Make sure to upgrade your amenities. Otherwise, your animals will reach their maximum potential immediately and you’ll have to wait for your amenities to complete their upgrade; wasting potential EXP that animals could be gaining. GameA has a guide to quickly farm crafting materials so you can continuously upgrade amenities before your next upgrade.

Timed Goals: Host the Most Initiative

Goals & Rewards

Alongside this event, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp added new Timed Goals under the same event. These goals only apply to the new animals added during the Holiday Event.

The event duration is between Dec. 21, 2017 - Dec. 27, 2017 only. Make sure you play everyday for this event to obtain rewards!

Host 2 animals at your campsite.rustic essencex3
Host 3 animals at your campsite.rustic essencex3
Host 4 animals at your campsite.rustic essencex5
Host 5 animals at your campsite.rustic essencex10
Host 6 animals at your campsite.leaf ticketx20
Host 7 animals at your campsite.leaf ticket x30

Newly Added Animals


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