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update 30/10/2017

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Introduction to Amenities

Aside from making your pocket camp look better, amenities allow players to increase your animal friends’ maximum level. If you don’t upgrade your amenities, your animal friends won’t be able to level up any further.

The first instance this happens is at relationship level 7. You’ll have to upgrade the proper amenity associated to their preferred theme. If your animal friend prefers cute themes you must upgrade the tent with a cute theme.

You may have up to two amenities in your camp and some amenities will allow your hosted friends to interact with it like skateboarding or having picnic lunches.

The Kinds of Amenities

There are several kinds of amenities that you may choose from and each one corresponds to each theme in the game. Since you can have up to two amenities in your camp, you may choose to have two tents of different themes or you may want to make your camp exclusive to a specific theme. As you upgrade your tents and amenities, you will unlock more amenities.

Crafting &Upgrading Amenities

Amenities can be crafted the same way you craft furniture. Although while you may have up to 3 furniture queued, amenities can only be crafted one at a time. They will also take a lot longer to craft ranging anywhere between 12 hours to 41 hours. To craft them, simply go into your crafting menu and tap on the tent icon at the very end; It should be beside the clothing icon. All players will start off with the basic tent and from there, depending on which theme is your favorite, you will have to choose which tents you wish to upgrade first. Tents will have a maximum level of 3 and upon reaching that level, players will unlock a new set of amenities.

Benefits of each tent at each level chart is work in progress...

Unlocking More Amenities

Most amenities will unlock by simply crafting the 1st level of an amenity while some amenities will require you to fully upgrade them. For instance, a level 5 half-pipe will unlock the pool set and a level 5 picnic set will unlock the tree house.

Unlock tree for amenities is work in progress...

Importance of Upgrading Amenities

Unveiling party

There are many benefits to upgrading your amenities. They may take long and they may cost a lot to upgrade however they do give your hosted animals a lot of relationship experience upon completion. Every time an amenity completes its upgrade it gives +5 points to all the animal friends hosted at your camp; sometimes, this even allows them to reach the next level immediately.

Max relationship level up

Amenities also increase animal friends’ maximum relationship level and provide activities for them to do. Amenities also make your camp look way cooler.

How to Quickly Level Up Your Amenities

Upgrading your amenities is no easy feat. Often times you will run out of crafting materials to further expand your amenities. This is especially true once you’ve progressed far into the amenity tree. So here’s a short guide on how to keep stocked up with crafting materials.

Know Your Animal Friends

Eventually, you’ll start to notice that some animals will give you a particular crafting item more often. For instance, Jay gives you preserves more often than any other material. Apollo on the other hand, gives you a lot of paper and Beau tends to give you a lot of steel. Knowing this, you may host them at your camp and easily farm for their materials. Hosted animals will give you a gift every 30 minutes after you speak to them. They will usually give you bells but every now and then they will give you the material they often give out as rewards.

Complete Requests

It should be needless to say but you should be completing requests on a regular basis. Completing requests will reward you will crafting materials and if you’re worried that you might hit the the maximum carry capacity, fret not. The maximum carry capacity for crafting materials is 999 and if you are crafting items often, it is unlikely you’d reach that capacity. Stockpiling on crafting materials is a great way to be care-free when it comes down to how much materials you have left.

Visit the Shovelstrike Quarry

Everyday, the Shovelstrike Quarry changes its featured material. You should always check the quarry if it features a crafting material that you need. When it does feature a material you need, this is where saving your Leaf Tickets come in handy. You gain 10 Leaf Tickets every time you level up and there are several other ways to obtain Leaf Tickets for free. Feel free to check out our Leaf Ticket guide if you want to know how to gain some free Leaf Tickets easily.

Be Prepared

Make plans and prepare for your next upgrade. Amenities take a few days to complete their upgrade process and knowing what you have in-stock will help you upgrade your amenities faster. Some players like to upgrade amenities based on which crafting materials they have most, while others like to upgrade amenities based on needs. Simply knowing that you lack a particular material will make you look for it while your current upgrade is ongoing. By the time your upgrade is complete, you’ll be ready to queue up the next upgrade.


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