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95322564498 returning regulare player
I like turtles
How level I need for it?
None of this is even remotely applicable to pocket camp. Tools dont break, there are no silver tools. No presents exist to shoot down. There are no encyclopedias for collecting bugs or fish. Sapplings arent a thing, nor does a shovel exist with which to bury or plant things... Pretty sure you guys got the entirely wrong game listed for this article/submission.
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Blanca 7
yeah, well how do we get Blanca?
Ankha 4
If you complete the treasure trek, use a calling card to get her to the island or just go to your campsite or cabin and press the cat Icon and add her. Treasure trek animals are automatically invited, no special furniture needed!
I am going to get Goldie a really nice gift for her birthday
Rasher 2
its 2021 and he still isnt in pocket camp
New animals
Is there some way to add what furniture they like or what gifts they might like from there friends? That would be awesome if there was information on them I’m here somewhere.
Peggy 2
Peggy is a wonderful cuddle pig. She’s lovely.
ok i found out how just press the white icon on the bottom right corner then press the icon with the bird on it that says “loan”
how do you collect the candy canes? do you get them from helping friends?
Museum 1
So is there a specific date for the time ? And I have 120 items rn in my inventory and I don't see any I'm lvl 17 now so do you have to be a certain lvl or something please let me know
Flora 2
This website needs to updated.
I have been trying to get this shirt for almost a year, the able sisters never offer it to me
will here be flora? she is my fav villagers
Shovel 1
How do I get a shovel
So I’ve had the pool amenity for a while now and accidentally put it away and now I can’t place it again since the upgrade, the option to place different amenities has disappeared when customising the camp!
Cookie 3
Cool... :)
Fish 11
bro i just got a king koi and it sells for 50k
I haven’t found one so great start for me
T a h i t i
I want it so much
How do u level them up
Who wants mine
Dolly 1
Cute <3
Mango 1
Want to know how to wear also.
But events and hha tho...
My problem is that my tent is already as has been level two for months. My campers are locked down at level 10. I have 8 at level 10 and 7 at level 7-9 in the cute. The game won’t let me level to level three I am no sure what I am doing wrong.
Peanut 1
he looks like yoongi from bts, anyways stan loona and stream kick it by nct 127
I am K.K. and i love animal crossing. If u play ACNH, I visit your island everyday if you buy my set for 250,000 Bells! Limited time edition!
I have a “style of yellow”
are there spiders? or only in the New Horizons?
Bugs 4
Some of those were wrong
Fruit 2
It comes rarely
How many friendship levels are there? What is the max?
Coco 1
same tbh


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95322564498 returning regulare player
I like turtles
How level I need for it?
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