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Fruit 1
How do I get perfect fruit"????????
Blanca 3
Can you invite her? - 퍼스트카지노/ - 예스카지노/
They show off the water rug and furniture but no pirate hat or captains coat?
i play everyday! add me: 4611 8835 971
Chevre 1
Chevre is Civic
6417 4849 735 add me please~ :3
Nantyzis- you can sell them or you can give them to your friends when they ask for a bug or you can give it away as a requested item
Personally I won't be making it level 5. The flowers on the ladders are too cute for me and my natural campsite.
no, but the animals can float on a pool float in the pool
Is there anyway to use two floor coverings at once? If I try to use two carpets one is taken away.
Yes when u get to level 10 u can you place 2 amenities.
It IS minimalist for a reason.
You can give kudos to random players by visiting their campsite
Where do you farm at?
Why doesn't the quarry offer me crafting materials like cotton and steel. Is it only Bells and Essences ):
The guide above clearly states how to earn candy canes and what they are used for. Go back and read it again and your question will be answered.
Is it worth even bothering to pay off the final loan? I've saved up about 60k so far but if it's all going to just disappear for nothing tangible I might just say forget about it
Yes. You can place some items on top of others. I don't know if this one is made for a specific item tho.
You can craft christmas things (like a christmas tree or a christmas rug. -> you can get christmas clothes and other stuff if you make those thinngs). But you need those candy canes to craft them. You can craft those things in "Special Craft"
Is their any recommended method of pricing items in your market box right now? Is their even any use for items besides requests right now?
what is the title of his song? I love it!
this game is srsly addicting and fun. Nintendo FTW!
I can feel you, bro. >_<
Fish 2
you can only get seashells along the shore. :(
They are not required for crafting many things as noted in the last tip, however they are needed when you are short on materials to buy the remainder (in the screenshot they are short 3 essence)
you camper as in the animals? some species will give more cotton. Some species will give more steel, etc.
are bugs depend on the season just like New Leaf or not?
Level 15
It feels like the face and hair option you choose decides which outfit you start with
Ah! Finally the official release! Come to android soon!
No, you cant but you can craft it as long as you crafted the Cute tent and maxed out the tree swing.
You must build amenity that matches their type. We only have 2 slot for the amenities but you can parked it for a while so you can craft a new one.
Wish they will add more way to earn moola. Bring back Joan, the queen of stalk market! lol
I love the color blue!~ my favorite furniture set!
The calling card is so convenient. I wish they cycled them into the rewards more.
Bugs 3
You guys are so lucky! I can only catch monarch and tiger butterfly. T_T
Hi Tommy046, If you are using a jailbroken iPhone, you can't run the game even you downloaded it from the App Store with an AU Apple ID. Since the game is online, they can detect if you are using a modified system. Try using tsprotector+ from Cydia.
Hi Bal_Gopal, Unfortunately, you can't. You have to catch it on your own.
I've unlocked her at level 9 :)
I think yes there will be like other animal crossing games.
I'm level 25 now. I have: Rosie, Goldie, Filbert, Jay, Apollo, Butch, Cherry, Bunnie, Eloise, Lily, Beau, Tex, Punchy, Kid Cat, Chrissy, Tad, Bud, Apple, Ketchup, Maggie, Carrie, Sandy, Hamlet, Cheri, Roald, Agnes, Angus, Stella and Alfonso. What's your ID guys?
Tex 1
Second guest that made me have to build a 6 hour furniture in my entire AC:PC career.
No. It will not. :)
Nope, nohing got started.
I wish the game is available on PC as well.
What is rerolling?


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Fruit 1
How do I get perfect fruit"????????
Blanca 3
Can you invite her? - 퍼스트카지노/ - 예스카지노/
They show off the water rug and furniture but no pirate hat or captains coat?
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