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But events and hha tho...
My problem is that my tent is already as has been level two for months. My campers are locked down at level 10. I have 8 at level 10 and 7 at level 7-9 in the cute. The game won’t let me level to level three I am no sure what I am doing wrong.
Cool can't wait to go spider hunting
Peanut 1
he looks like yoongi from bts, anyways stan loona and stream kick it by nct 127
Ankha 1
Can you have her in your campsite?
It would be cool if villagers could wear the doctor's mask tbh.
My ID code is 23705868911
tHiS mAkEs ZeRo SeNsE bRoO AaAaHhH
I am K.K. and i love animal crossing. If u play ACNH, I visit your island everyday if you buy my set for 250,000 Bells! Limited time edition!
I have a “style of yellow”
are there spiders? or only in the New Horizons?
Fish 10
I caught a king tuna worth 30,000
Rasher 1
Its 2020 he still isn't in pocket camp
Bugs 4
Some of those were wrong
Fruit 2
It comes rarely
How many friendship levels are there? What is the max?
Coco 1
same tbh
Can you make pro designs in Pocket Camp? And if so, how? I really want to be able to make my own designs like you can in all the other Animal Crossing games I've played but I can't figure out how to in Pocket Camp.
I play every day. Add me ACPC ID 62357610203
I don’t have these items how can I get them into my catalog??
I hope that they make animal crossing mobile games available here in Iceland
When is the cushion coming in their shop?
Where do you get lab bench playing pocket camp??
There’s definitely a lot more to almost every one of these series
This is aimed at New Leaf, not Pocket Camp.
Shep 1
oh my god. oh my god. shep. shep i love you so much. the second i laid eyes on you i knew it was true love. you’re my everything. my sunshine and my stars. shep, you are a summer breeze in a grassy field, you are the light of my life. never will i feel the pure joy i feel with anyone else but you. you complete me. i love you with all my heart. love, michael
there is the geisha wig which you can obtain in the craft menu for ~2000 bells. In addition to this, you can purchase limited-time wigs as part of a fortune cookie for 50 leaf tickets.
they should add Mr.Resetti
This is on pocket camp... so how do you get it?
I got one but I gave it to one of the animals to be nice lol
Looking forward to it UwU
Apollo 1
Peggy 1
How is the rain unkwon
I don't understand why I can't get chadder I have tried and tried. I'm at level 105 he should have already been available to me.
Roscoe 2
same... i'm really confused
Blanca 3
Can you invite her?
i play everyday! add me: 4611 8835 971
Chevre 1
Chevre is Civic
Nantyzis- you can sell them or you can give them to your friends when they ask for a bug or you can give it away as a requested item
Personally I won't be making it level 5. The flowers on the ladders are too cute for me and my natural campsite.
no, but the animals can float on a pool float in the pool
Is there anyway to use two floor coverings at once? If I try to use two carpets one is taken away.
Yes when u get to level 10 u can you place 2 amenities.


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But events and hha tho...
My problem is that my tent is already as has been level two for months. My campers are locked dow...
Cool can't wait to go spider hunting
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