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Animal Crossing forum

Friend request

Welcome! The forum for the new upcoming Animal Crossing app players. Find friends to visit their towns or invite them to your town here!

Rules & Prohibitions

  • Be well-mannered
  • Duel Links-related topics
  • No selling/buying account
  • No advertisement
  • No slander


Isaiah 20days ago
7935 3993 763
Ur-Thor 21days ago
Hi! add me up 5175 3699 252
us525878 25days ago
Add me! :)
Pochusaurus 25days ago
hiii, I'm new! Add me pls! 97833935696

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Ah! Finally the official release! Come to android soon!
Catching bugs with honey requires leaf tickets too?
post your code here we will help you to get in! :)
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