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update 27/10/2017

The market place is a location on the map marked directly to the left of your camp. There, you can talk to Isabelle or buy items from the shops. Talking to Isabelle will allow you to open your goal lists directly or open the tutorial pages for review, both of which the player can access on their own.

How to sell items

Talking to the shop owners will allow you to sell furniture or clothes for some bells. It’s not advisable to do this though because of the low returns you receive.

How to buy items

To buy things from the shopkeeper, you must approach the items for sale directly and interact with it. The name and price of the item will show and you will be prompted to confirm if you want to buy it or not.


There are currently three known shops so far in Pocket Camp, the Able Sisters, T&T Emporium and Kicks. Each shop will sell you a selection of 3 different items every 3 hours.


Work in progress...

Special characters you can find

Able Sisters

First off, the Able Sisters. Mabel, Sabel and Labelle, are all staples from previous Animal Crossing games. They come back in Pocket Camp to reprise their role of the clothes shop owners. They are one of two only rotating shops in the market place. They are changed out every 24 hours and visiting them in each 3 hour refresh of the game will net you a different selection of items for sale and a different sister to keep shop. The clothes they sell you only cover headwear, tops and pants.


Second is Kicks, run by the skunk also named Kicks. He exclusively sells they player socks and footwear only. His is the only other shop that swaps out after every 24 hours, trading places with the Able Sisters. He is the only clerk for his shop so only his wares change every 3 hours.

Nookling Junction

Last is T&T Emporium, run by Timmy and Tommy, they are the only stable shop in the market place right now. They sell different pieces of furniture with selections that rotate out every 3 hours. The available clerk may also change during that time.

ItemBuying PriceThemeNote
red vase
red vase
wood display stand
wood display stand
simple kettle
simple kettle
basic display stand
basic display stand
rocking chair
rocking chair
zen phone stand
zen phone stand
common chair
common chair

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Bal_Gopal 11days ago
Can I complete the timed goal if I buy the items from the other players? I need more monarch butterflies.
<< Anonymous(Bal_Gopal)
us525878 8days ago Reply
Hi Bal_Gopal, Unfortunately, you can't. You have to catch it on your own.

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