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update 03/11/2017

What is a Request Ticket?

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, friends will ask you for requests wherein you have to bring them certain items to complete them. However, you may only do three requests per friend when they are outside your camp. You can only do a maximum of two requests when they are inside your camp. To be able to complete more requests, you have to use a request ticket.

You can use a request ticket up to three times per friend which means you can complete a total of 12 requests. This is actually a great way to level up your character and increase relationship levels.

When can I use Request Tickets?

Request tickets can only be used on friends who are not in your camp. If you have a friend inside your camp and want to use a request ticket on them, you must remove that friend from your camp and wait for them to appear on one of the areas in the game.

After you’ve used all three request tickets on a friend, you have to wait for the daily reset to be able to use them again on that particular friend. Until then, you may use your request tickets on a different friend.

How to get Request Tickets

Request ticket from Daily Log In

Request tickets are available in limited amounts and can only be acquired from daily log-in rewards and some Goals.

Use Leaf Tickets

If you don’t have any request tickets available you may use 10 Leaf Tickets to unlock 3 more requests from a friend.

Request Ticket from Level up

If you level up, sometimes you will also receive a request ticket.

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