April [2017]

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp April events, birthdays, bugs, fishes, and deep sea creatures.
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update 29/10/2017
Note: This page is based on other Animal Crossing games. Will be updated soon!

We will start the month of April with April Fools' Day. You can get pictures from your villagers by winning in Blanca's game.

A fishing tourney will occur on April 8th. The biggest fish despite of its type will win the trophy. You can receive a random piece of furniture or an item from Fishing Series each time you break the record.
April 16th will be Easter Day. You can collect items from Egg Series or Zipper’s picture if you take part in the egg hunt.

In the celebration of Nature Day on April 22nd, Isabelle will hand you a cool globe and there will a standee on your town plaza too.

April 28th will be Weeding Day. You can obtain an item from Flower set or a piece of furniture from Leif’s weed pulling event.


Apr 1April Fools' Day
Apr 8Fishing Tourney
Apr 16Easter
Apr 22Nature Day
Apr 28Weeding Day

Shop information



  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
AntAll day80
BeeAll day2,000
Common Butterfly4am - 7pm90
FleaAll day70
FlyAll day60All day
Hermit Crab7pm - 8am1,000
Honeybee4pm - 9am10,000
Mantis8am - 5pm430
Mole CricketAll day280
Orchid Mantis8am - 5pm2,400
Peacock Butterfly8am - 5pm220
Pill BugAll day250
SnailAll day250
SpiderAll day300
Spotted Ladybug8am - 5pm200
Stink BugAll day120
Tiger Beetle8am - 7pm1,500
Tiger Butterfly8am - 5pm160
Wharf RoachAll day200
Yellow Butterfly4am - 7pm80


  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Barbel SteedAll day200
Barred KnifejawAll day5,000
Black BassAll day300
Bluegill9am - 4pm300
Butterflyfish4pm - 9am10,000
CarpAll day300
Char4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm3,800
Cherry Salmon4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm1,000
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
CoelacanthAll day15,000
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
Crucian CarpAll day120
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
Dace4pm - 9am200
Freshwater GobyAll day300
Giant TrevallyAll day4,500
GoldfishAll day1,300
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
Horse MackerelAll day150
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
KoiAll day4,000
LoachAll day300
Butterflyfish4pm - 9am10,000
OarfishAll day9,000
OctopusAll day500
Olive FlounderAll day800
Pale Chub9am - 4pm160
Popeyed Goldfish9am - 4pm1,300
Rainbow Trout4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm800
Red SnapperAll day3,000
Ribbon EelAll day600
Sea BassAll day200
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
SquidAll day400
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000
TadpoleAll day100
Whale SharkAll day13,000
Arapaima4pm - 9am10,000

Deep Sea Creatures

  • Green background: Available from this month.
  • Yellow background: Will be unavailable in a following month.
Abalone4pm - 9am400
Acorn BarnacleAll day200
Chambered NautilusAll day900
ClamAll day400
Ear Shell4pm - 9am300
Giant IsopodAll day9,000
Horsehair CrabAll day4,000
LobsterAll day2,500
Mantis Shrimp4pm - 9am1,250
OctopusAll day1,000
Pearl OysterAll day1,600
ScallopAll day1,000
Sea AnemoneAll day100
Sea CucumberAll day150
Sea SlugAll day200
Sea StarAll day100
SeaweedAll day200
Snow CrabAll day4,000
Spider CrabAll day10,000
Spotted Garden EelAll day600
Turban Shell4pm - 9am300

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