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How to catch fish in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, tips for catching fish, how to use fishing net.
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update 03/11/2017

Catching fish can be fun and many people like to fish as a hobby. Your friends will regularly request for fish because they are so much fun to catch and collect!

There are two places where you can catch fish. Some fish can only be caught in a specific area.

Where to catch fish?

  • Lost Lure Creek
  • Saltwater Shores

How to catch fish

Fresh water (river) fish

Salt Water Fish can be found in the Saltwater Shores. Walk over to the beach and look for some fish swimming in the water. You can also tell if the fish is going to be a big one or a small one but sometimes you won’t catch a fish but instead you will get a common squid.

Tap on the fish to throw your bait and fishing line. At first the fish may not notice your bait but be patient and you will see the fish will take interest. Once it bites a ‘!’ icon will show and you must tap on it to catch the fish. Be quick when the ‘!’ icon pops out or you could lose your chance to catch the fish.

Rarer fish will be harder to catch and will be able to break free from your fishing line.

Salt water (ocean) fish

Use fishing net to catch fish

Players can spend 15 leaf tickets to catch fish with fishing nets. Using fish nets will catch a big amount of fish and ocean items. You can choose which kind of net you want to use. Large fish net will catch you several fish and medium fish net will catch you several ocean items like corals, squid, shells and conches.

Should I use fishing net?

Using fish nets to catch fish will cost you Leaf Tickets. Leaf Tickets are quite valuable in the game as they can be used to quickly progress in the game. There are several ways to gather Leaf Tickets and spending them on nets is a great way to watch rare fish quickly! Rare fish can be sold at a high price on your market listing for other players to purchase!

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