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Friendship level in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, how to level up fast, rewards.
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What is Friendship Level?

Friendship Level is the a measurement of how deep is your platonic relationship with the camper. It is how close you are with the camper and how strong is your bond with them. The heart icon with a number is the indicator of Friendship Level.


Every time your friendship level with another camper increases, you'll receive rewards such as Bells, crafting materials or essence. Each filled heart will be added to your Player level gauge.

You'll receive a special reward from the camper once you've reached a certain friendship level with them. It can be a personal item that belongs to them such as clothes or furniture. You can get their picture once you've hit friendship level 20.

How to Improve your Friendship Level

Interact with your Campers

Interacting with campers will help you to level up your friendship level. Aside from that, you might get a random gift from them by just talking with them. It can be Bells, crafting materials etc.

Completing Requests

Helping campers who are in need will definitely boost your chance to level up your friendship level. By doing simple chores such as bringing their requested item produces a big impact to your friendship. You will also receive something from a camper by just filling out a request. Think of it like doing a favor for your dear friends.

Crafting Amenities

Amenities is not only a decoration to your campsite. This brings joy and comfort to your campers. You'll receive a huge boost to your friendship level for every amenity you've had crafted for them; however, crafting amenities will cost you lots of Bell and crafting materials. Sometimes you need to spend your Leaf Tickets too!

Sparkle Stones

What are Sparkle Stones?

Sparkle Stones, pretty much like Friendship Powder, is a special commodity used for crafting furniture. Sparkles Stones can only be gained when you increase an animal friend’s relationship level. All animal friends, at a certain point, will reward you with Sparkle Stones when you raise their relationship level high enough.

Where to use

At higher levels after you reach level 20, players will start to unlock craftable furniture that will require Sparkle Stones. Usually these furniture are special as well and look better than your usual furniture. Sparkles Stones also allow you to craft wall paper which can change the way your the walls of your camper look like. You may also craft special tiles, allowing players to replace the default wooden flooring of either your campsite hangout area or the tiles inside your camper.

Supplemental notes

At a certain point in the game when you have plenty of animal friends in your contacts, you won’t be able to find them or host them all whenever you want to. Since friends appear at Animal Crossing on a rotation every 3 hours, you will sometimes have to call on of them with the Calling Card. You can acquire calling cards from goals but take note that they won’t always be available as a reward from these goals.

On the other hand, should an animal friend appear during the rotations, you want to make the most of their stay by using up request tickets. Request tickets are great to use when you wish to increase your relationship level with a specific friend. Using this together with the calling card can be greatly beneficial.


How many friendship levels are there? What is the max?
I am not able to get past level 7 friendship. Why?
<< Anonymous
Galway_Gurl Reply
You must build amenity that matches their type. We only have 2 slot for the amenities but you can parked it for a while so you can craft a new one.

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