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update 28/11/2017

Saltwater Shore is the Beach located South East of the Campsite. It’s set up with a tropical landscape and features coconut trees and a fishing spot. Coconut trees allow the player to harvest some fruit while the fishing provides the player access to collecting saltwater fish. The player will also find various seashells and coral washed up on shore for easy collection. Along with three other locations. Saltwater Shore also hosts one player character and one animal friend.

Other Players & Animals

As same to other locations, you can find other players and animlas at Saltwater Shores. Chat with them!

Fruits & Trees

There are 4 trees in Saltwater Shore. 2 of these trees can be shaken for Coconuts to harvest while the other 2 have a chance to drop bells.

FruitWhere to Find & QTYSell Price
x2, x410


Along the shoreline, the player will encounter various scattered items strewn about. They can be collected and given to animal friends to fulfill requests. These items are:

Scallop Shell
Conch Shell


Fishing at Saltwater Shore lets the player catch saltwater fish. The types of fish that can be caught are as follows:

Horse Mackerel
Olive Flounder
Red Snapper
Blow Fish
Football Fish

Sea Throw Nets can be used at Saltwater Shore to make catching fish more convenient. Instead of catching fish 1 by 1 with the fishing rod, the net allows you to catch multiple fish and items at once.

Sea Throw Net - FREE/Inventory
4x ???

Medium Throw Net - 15 Leaf Tickets
1x Horse Mackerel
1x Coral
1x Scallop Shell
1x Conch Shell
6x ???

Large Throw Net - 15 Leaf Tickets
1x Squid
1x Red Snapper
1x Olive Flounder
7x ???

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