K.K. and Tom Nook Come to Visit!

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update 03/11/2017

How to invite K.K. & Tom Nook to your Campsite

Period45 days once you begin playing the game

It appears that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has introduced a new feature where special animal friends can be invited through crafting their special furniture. K.K. and Tom Nook are two of the first friends featured for this feature. While having them around your camp won’t allow you to raise their relationship level with you, they do bring a special ambiance to your camp.

How to unlock

Players must head into the crafting menu and tap on the special leaf icon. From there players may purchase K.K.’s Chair for 250 Leaf Tickets and place it anywhere in their camp. It won't cost craft time and bells.

K.K. Slider’s Chair

Long-time fans of Animal Crossing will be familiar with this all-time favorite character. Unfortunately, K.K. can’t found wandering around the map, but he can be added to your campsite as a display item.

Once place, K.K. will start playing nostalgic music from the previous Animal Crossing games. We highly recommend purchasing K.K.’s chair should players be fortunate enough to have 250 Leaf Tickets. He certainly lights up the camp fire!

Tom Nook’s chair

Tom Nook is another character from previous Animal Crossing games and he’s here too alongside K.K. Slider. Having Tom Nook in your camp means that you have a sleeping raccoon friend to keep your camp feeling nice and peaceful.

You can speak to Tom and he will tell you something nice about your camp. Tom Nook will fit any campsite and you can play around with him dozing off. He won’t play music like K.K. but he’s definitely a great addition to the camp.


Although, you won’t be able to have both K.K. and Tom visit your camp at the same time. However you will be able to place both items in your camp.

These two items are going to be available for a limited time only and we hope we’re going to see more of these special items for other characters of the Animal Crossing series.


K.K Slider
Hey, tell me if ya love Bubblegum.K.K!
<< Anonymous(K.K Slider)
K.K Slider Reply
I am K.K. and i love animal crossing. If u play ACNH, I visit your island everyday if you buy my set for 250,000 Bells! Limited time edition!
love bubblegum K.K
I have K.K.! I love the music that he plays! So nostalgic!
<< Anonymous
what is the title of his song? I love it!
I wish Tom Nook can do more aside from sleeping and commenting about your camp. :)

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