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update 08/11/2017

Friend in AC Pocket Camp

Friend System

Animal Crossing has always been about making friends and Pocket Camp is a great way to make tons of friends online. Engaging in the friend system allows players to further explore content and it allows them to help each other in certain events.

Benefits of Friend System

Players can help each other gain bells at the Shovelstrike Quarry with the Lend a Hand option. They can also sell items on their market listing which is a great way to keep completing requests from your animal friends.


What is Kudos?

Kudos is a social feature that allows other players to further interact with each other. By giving Kudos players will receive items from each other such as friendship powder which is a special crafting material that can only be obtained by giving kudos.

How to gain more Kudos

Go in to your friends’ list and then select to visit your friend’s campsite. When you get to their camp site, speak to them and you will gain the option to give kudos. When you do this, you also gain benefit from timed goals.

Visit other Campsites!

Some crafting items will require you to use friendship powder. They won’t consume a lot of it but it is quite hard to gain friendship powder. You should try to get some whenever you can.

How to get Friend Powder

Friend Powder can only be obtained from Timed Goals. The timed goal for friendship powder occurs everyday when a new day starts. The rewards will vary from 3-5 friendship powder.

Simply go to your friend list and send Kudos to players. You have to visit their camp first and the select the option to give kudos. Make sure to send kudos to players everyday!

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