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update 03/11/2017

Why should you level up quickly?

Leveling up has always been a staple objective in any game and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp follows suit. In many ways, increasing your player level quickly will benefit your progression in the game. You unlock new animals, new furniture, you gain several rewards and you unlock more content.

More Available Friends

One of the main objectives in Animal Crossing is collecting friends. Every time you gain a player level you unlock more friends.

LevelUnlocked animals
1Apollo Filbert Goldie Jay Rosie
3 - 11Beau Butch Cherry Eloise Lily Tex Bunnie BluebearGoose Vesta
12 - 26Apple Bud Carrie Chrissy Ketchup Kid Cat Maggie Sandy Tad Punchy Antonio Phoebe Drake June (villager) Mitzi
27 - 47Agnes Stella Cheri Alfonso Angus Bitty Charlise Fauna Flip Hamlet HopkinsKyle Moe Peanut Peewee Rex Roald Roscoe Raddle Avery Marshal
GooseGoose, VestaVesta, DrakeDrake, June (villager)June, MitziMitzi, AveryAvery, and MarshalMarshal are currently unavailable in the game yet.

Host more friends

Hosting friends at your camp has some benefits too and as you gain player levels you can host more friends at your camp up to 8 friends. Friends that stay at your campsite can increase their relationship level even further and faster as you add more amenities and upgrade them. To get the full benefit you’re going to want to have as many friends as you can staying at your campsite.

New craftable Items

As you progress, you’ll be unlocking more friends that you can invite to your campsite. Along with them you’ll also unlock their favorite furniture. Which means more furniture to suit your style!

More camp space

Customizing and designing your camp to look as awesome as possible is one of the best things you can do in Animal Crossing and where else would you place the furniture you’ve worked so hard to unlock and craft but at your camp. Increasing your player level allows you to show off more of those objects and allows you further design your camp the way you like it!

Market listing slots

In our guide on how to gain lots of Bells, we named the Market Listing as one of the best ways to earn Bells. Increasing the amount of items you can sell will also increase the amount of bells you can gain. Just make sure you list them with a reasonable price! After all, we’re all friends here.

Item carry slots

Having too many items in your inventory can be quite a burden. It means you have to sell some or use them on requests from your animal friends. Having the extra inventory space will help alot as you gather items.

How to level up fast

Here are some tips for farming exp to increase your player level faster.

Make new friends

New friends are an efficient way to gain points since they start off at a relationship level of 0 and it's easy to level up a fresh relationship compared to leveling up a friend who is already at level 5.

Upgrade your Amenities

Upgrading your Amenities will give friends at your campsite +5 points towards their next relationship level. The most efficient way to about this is to have friends that are level 7 and above staying at your camp when your Amenities are about to complete their upgrade process. Having all 8 friends invited to your campsite is also a good idea since they will all gain +5 points.

Complete Requests & Converse with your Friends

Completing requests from your animal friends raises their relationship level and in turn you gain points from their level up. Talking to your friends also increases their level so make sure you speak to them regularly. Friends being hosted at your campsite will also have a request for you every 30minutes to 1 hour and you can inquire about their day every 30 minutes which will also give you relationship points.

If you run out of requests, don’t forget to use your Request Tickets so you can do more quests. However request tickets can’t be used at your campsite so if you want someone from your camp to give you requests faster you must remove them from your camp first and then wait for them to go to one of the areas or call them to an area with the call option in your contacts list.

Move friends to Campsite

Relationship level on friends can hit their base maximum level which is at level 7. To allow them to surpass that level, you must invite them to your campsite and place an item that they like to increase their relationship there. Then at a certain after level 7, you will also have to craft an item for them which will increase their max level once again.

Raise relationship level

The best way to increase your Player level is by increasing your relationship level with your animal friends. Every relationship level you gain will give you +2 points to your Player Level.

Level rewards list

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