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update 28/11/2017

Sunburst Island is the South West most location on the map. It’s characterized by coconut trees and lush grass. It’s the only place where you can catch bugs. Here you can catch various kinds of butterflies and beetles. Despite the fact it’s surrounded by water, you cannot catch fish here. Sunburst Island is also a camping area where you can find a player and an animal friend.

Players & Friends

Here you can find the characters of other players. Talking directly to a player character like this allows you to give them friend requests. Talking to them also gives you the option to visit their campsite for a look around, or to give them kudos. In case you find yourself in need of items, you can also check their listed items in the market box.

With a player character present, there’s no doubt their camper is nearby as well. You can step in and enjoy their decorated mobile home. Maybe get some interior decorating tips too.

Animal Friend

Animal Friends can be found here too. You can talk to them to increase your friendship level. You can also fulfill requests from them to get materials and Bells in addition to increasing friendship levels. This place can hold up to two Animal friends when using the Calling Card.

Trees & Fruits

Sunburst Island is 1 of only 2 locations you can harvest Coconuts. The other location is Saltwater Shores. There are 5 coconut trees in Sunburst Island but only 1 bears fruit every 3 hours. That tree can be found at the upper leftmost corner of the island. The remaining 4 trees are spawning points for beetles or can be shaken down for a chance to get bells.

Bug Catching

Bugs that can be grouped into two categories, beetles and butterflies. Both kinds of bugs are caught using the bug net. There are pre-determined locations where bugs appear and there you can catch them. Beetles always appear on trees while butterflies always fly around designated areas. It is advised that you move slowly when you’re bug hunting. Running into tree with a beetle on it or running into a butterfly will cause the aforementioned insect to fly away. You will then have to wait for them to respawn after some time. Beetles available for catching are:

Fruit Beetle
Horned Dynastid
Miyama Stag
Jewel Beetle

Butterflies that appear are:

Monarch Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly
Emperor Butterfly

If you’re tired of waiting for bugs to reappear or the specific bug you are looking for does not appear, you can approach the tree stump to the north and use honey. Honey will lure in the insects and you will automatically catch all the bugs that gather. What you catch will depend on the honey used:

Honey - FREE/Inventory
4x ???

Beetle Honey - 15 Leaf Tickets
1x Horned Dynastid
1x Fruit Beetle
8x ???

Flutter Honey - 15 Leaf Tickets
1x Monarch Butterfly
1x Tiger Butterfly
8x ???

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