Can I use QR code in the game?

Will there be a QR code machine in the game so I can customize patterns?


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I wanted to find out from the website not the weirdo's on the internet
Sad btw how do you make cloths
Yet there probably not gonna add it :,)
The fact that I’m a weebo and don’t have animal crossing new horizons- i feel like they should add qr codes i also just started animal crossing pocket camp yesterday :D
i dont wanna make clothing i need dem qr codes :v
ftghnf ndgzv
are there any good new features of pocket camp?
are there any good new features of pocket camp?
o w o

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ok i found out how just press the white icon on the bottom right corner then press the icon with ...
how do you collect the candy canes? do you get them from helping friends?
Museum 1
So is there a specific date for the time ? And I have 120 items rn in my inventory and I don'...
Flora 2
This website needs to updated.
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