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update 08/11/2017

Why use a Calling Card?

In game, there will be some cases where you won’t have access to a certain animal friend you want to increase your friendship level with. Maybe you needed to send them out of your camp, or they’ve constantly shown up at certain spots that you’ve taken their appearance as a bit for granted. There might come a time you want to talk to them but they aren’t there. That’s what the Calling Card is for.

On the map, there are only 4 locations animal friends are can be found in. At first they appear constantly but cycle to different spots every 3 hours. As you progress through the game, your circle of animal friends you can meet and befriend increases and sometimes they’ll have nowhere to stay in.

Conditions for calling friends

Up to 12 animal friends can be in play at any time. Up to 8 of them can stay at your campsite while 4 others will occupy the other locations on the map. Animal friends who are not among the 8 in your campsite or the 4 locations will not be available until the 3 hour cycle period is finished. You can use the calling card to bring them into play during that 3 hour cycle.

Benefits of using the Calling Card:

  • Makes an animal friend of your choice available immediately.
  • Automatically adds 1 point to your friendship progression with the called animal friend.
  • The animal friend you call appears in the location from which you call them.
  • They share the location with any animal friend already there. Up to 2 per location.

How to make that Call

To call an animal friend, they have to be unlocked, unavailable and have a friendship level of at least 1. Once you use a Calling Card, it’s consumed.

  • Open up your Contacts menu at the lower bar.

  • Select the friend you want to meet and press the call button.

  • You’ll receive a prompt about using a Calling card. Confirm it.

  • And with that, you have your friend with you now. Congratulations!

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The calling card is so convenient. I wish they cycled them into the rewards more.

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