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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp mushrooming season event, autumn event, fall event, November event.
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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp November
NovemberMushrooming SeasonHarvest Festival
Note: This page is based on an assumption referencing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the Animal Crossing mobile game is not released yet. Will be updated once the game gets available!

November 1st is the start of mushroom season. Each day, you can pick a different type of mushrooms including furniture from Mush series concealing as a mushroom. Mushrooms will appear beside the trees and stumps.

DateNovember 1st - 30th
TimeFrom 6:00am
LocationAround your town with except of the beach
Obtainable itemsMush Series


There will be skinny, flat, round, famous and rare type of mushroom through out November. Your villagers might pick these mushrooms, so better start the day picking mushrooms before anything else. You can either sell these mushrooms or eat them. Some mushrooms have an effect to the player's character.

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