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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp timed goals & stretch goals, rewards, how to complete, leaf ticket, and kudos.
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Goals are little milestones that you can do to gain a little bit more. You can obtain all sorts of items through goals such as friendship powder, common crafting materials, essences, and even Leaf tickets.

Timed Goals

Timed goals are daily milestones that provide rewards for each goal you’ve completed. They last for only 24 hours or one day and so you should complete them within the day before they expire. Everyday, players will receive 3 timed goals and they will usually reward you with friendship powder, common crafting materials and the essence of the day.

Timed Goals is one of the best ways to gain friendship powder, which is a very special crafting material that is very hard to obtain.

Stretch Goals

Unlike timed goals, these type of goals stay in your list of goals until you’ve completed them. Stretch goals are in-game achievements that reward you mostly with Leaf Tickets, Calling Cards and Request Tickets. Completing these early on will give you the upper hand and necessary boost to quickly progress into the game.

However, once you’ve complete all your stretch goals, you won’t have more stretch goals to do. They don’t reset nor do you gain new stretch goals upon completing them all.

Stretch goals & rewards

Collected items

List an item in your Market Box.paperx30
Buy an item from a Market Box.preservesx30
Collect 50 seashells.natural essencex3
Collect 100 seashells.natural essencex10
Havest 5 fruit.leaf ticketx10
Harvest 50 essencex3
Harvest 100 essencex10
Catch 5 bugs.leaf ticketx10
Catch 50 bugs.cute essencex3
Catch 100 essencex10
Catch 5 fish.cottonx30
Catch 50 fish.cute essencex3
Catch 100 essencex10


Add a level to your Camper.sparkle stonesx1
Expand your Camper.sparkle stonesx1
Pay off a loan in full.natural essencex20


Host 2 animals at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Host 4 animals at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Host 6 animals at your campsite.sporty essencex20
Host 8 animals at your essencex20
Complete a request for an animal.Calling Card x3
Complete a request for an animal visiting your campsite.preserves x03
Complete 5 requests for visiting animals.steelx30
Raise your Friendship Level
with any animal to 4.
Raise your Friendship Level
with any animal to 6.
sporty essencex3
Chat with an animal while he or she is visiting your campsite.leaf ticketx30
Chat with one of the animals visiting a recreation spot.leaf ticketx30


Place furniture at your campsite.natural essencex3
Place 4 blue series items at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Place 4 sleek series items at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Place 4 green series items at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Place 4 kiddie series items at your campsite.leaf ticketx10
Place 4 polka-dot series items at your campsite.leaf ticketx10


Craft an amenity.preservesx30
Craft a piece of furniture.preservesx30
Craft 3 furniture essencex3
Craft a lovely pink remake of a lovely chair.cute essencex20
Paying Leaf Tickets to craft an item with insufficient materials.leaf ticketx10
Paying Leaf Tickets to complete a crafting project quicky.leaf ticketx10
Raise a campsite item level to 2.leaf ticketx20


Use some honey.leaf ticketx5
Use a river throw net.leaf ticketx5
Use a sea throw net.leaf ticketx5
Use a Calling Card.steelx30
Use a Request Ticket.woodx30


Befriend another player.leaf ticketx10
Befriend 5 other players.leaf ticketx20
Give kudos to another player at his or her campsite.friend powderx10
Give kudos to a friend.friend powderx10


Go to Shovelstrike Quarry.leaf ticketx10
Buy clothes or an accessory at Market Place.cottonx30


Link a Nintendo Account.leaf ticketx100
Become a campsite manager.leaf ticketx10
Reach level 3.cottonx30

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Its really hard to complete timed goal which is to give 10 kudos to other players since I don't have that much friends.
Anyone can add me in their list?

0863 0082 199
<< Anonymous(Jokoh)
Anonymous Reply
You can give kudos to random players by visiting their campsite
<< Anonymous(Jokoh)
IBE Reply

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