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update 03/11/2017
Unofficial information mentioned on this page since the game is not even released. We will update this once we got a confirmed information!

Setting up Your Character

Once you started the game, you’ll be introduced to Rover. He will help you in setting your game character and your in game name. He will ask you various questions and each answer will determine the gender and appearance of your character. Check our “Face Style” guide in the starter guide or click this link.
Naming your character and your town is permanent. It cannot be altered unless you restarted the game. For more naming tips, click this link.

Selecting a Town Layout

Rover will also assist you in setting up your town layout and its name. Once you have selected your preferred layout and its name, you cannot change it anymore unless you start again from scratch. Check our " Best Town Layout" suggestion in our starter guide or click this link.

Town Arrival

Upon your arrival in your town, you’ll see your game character appearance. In case you don’t like it, You can alter it once you unlock the salon soon. Isabelle, your secretary, will greet you and she’ll give you the town map. Go to the Town Hall as instructed by Isabelle. She will ask you to visit Nook’s Homes on the Main Street.

Placing Your Home

Tom Nook will be in the Nook’s Home. He will help you in building your house. Talk to him and he will accompany you around the town. Choose a certain location in your town, talk to him and you will see a preview of your house in that placement. Once you are done, go back to Isabelle in your Town Hall.

Setting up with Isabelle

Talk to Isabelle once you arrived at the Town Hall. She will ask for your birthday. She will give your TPC or Town Pass Card. You can change the photo by using the photo booth on the Main Street.

You and Isabelle will go to the town plaza. Some of your villagers are present to witness the tree planting ceremony. To commemorate your mayorship of the town, you have to plant a tree sapling in the middle of the plaza.

Your office will be at the back of Isabelle’s desk in the town hall. You cannot access it on the inaugural day.

Setting up your House and Other Unlockables

Your first house will be a tent. You can receive a lantern from Isabelle. You can upgrade to a small house by paying 10,000 Bells to Tom Nook in the Nook’s Home. Your house will be ready on the next day. Its the same day Happy Room Academy will be unlocked in the Nook’s Home. Isabelle will give you a wallpaper and a light switch option will be unlocked. You can pay your house loan in the ADB Machine located in the Post Office. You can talk to Tortimer on the wharf on the beach to unlock Tortimer Island.

Approval Rating

In order for you to create public works projects and mandate town ordinances, you have to achieve 100% approval ratings. You can obtain your rating by sitting in your mayor chair. You can perform different task around your town to boost your rating. Once you have 100% approval rating, you can start building public works projects and change the town regulations. Just sit in your mayor chair and Isabelle will assist you.

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