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Note: This page is based on an assumption referencing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the Animal Crossing mobile game is not released yet. Will be updated once the game gets available!

The Roost Café is a coffee shop where you can order different types of coffee for 200 Bells per day. Villagers and other players can also visit the coffee shop. Special characters will be here from time to time. Brewster will award you coffee beans if you help him as a Barista.

Hours24 hours

How to Unlock

To unlock this public works project, you should have the two storey museum and donated 50 items. Then Blathers will request this project.


tHiS mAkEs ZeRo SeNsE bRoO AaAaHhH

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But events and hha tho...
My problem is that my tent is already as has been level two for months. My campers are locked dow...
Cool can't wait to go spider hunting
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