Note: This page is based on an assumption referencing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the Animal Crossing mobile game is not released yet. Will be updated once the game gets available!

Players can sell items directly to Reese or put it up for sale at the flea market for the villagers to purchase. Players can also purchase items villagers have put up for sale. Once players have unlocked Cyrus, he will wake up from his nap and give you the options to customize furniture and to recycle junk.

Hours9:00am - 11:00pm

Selling items

Reese gives the best price for items compared to the Nookling store. A chalkboard sign shows which items for the day would sell for double the price. Recycllin junk items will be charged.

Selling Turnips

Reese also gives the current market value of turnips daily except during Sundays when Joan visits your town to sell Turnips. Check the link below for the Stalk Market details.

How to unlock Cyrus

Unlock conditions

  • 100,000 Bells worth of items sold to Reese
  • 50 different pieces of furniture purchased
  • 10 different pieces of clothing purchased
  • The player has played for seven days

Why unlock Cyrus?

Cyrus will give the option to refurbish furniture. When customizing furniture, the player can pick from pre-selected designs, cloth, and design patterns. There is also the option to customize using ores or your own design. There are unique items that only Cyrus can make:

  • Golden Series furniture

    Requires 3 gold nuggets and 10000 bells per item
    the outcome is random

  • Miniature Fossil Models

    Requires the complete fossil set and 10% of the set's price

  • Music Boxes

    Requires a K.K. Slider song, a giant clam shell, and 3000 bells


This is aimed at New Leaf, not Pocket Camp.

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is the thing about the mannequins for pocket camp? the whole “buy x items n you’ll be...
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