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Welcome! The forum for the new upcoming Animal Crossing app players. Find friends to visit their towns or invite them to your town here!

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  • Be well-mannered
  • Duel Links-related topics
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Anonymous 20days ago
Does anyone know what level you have to be to unlock Pietro to come to your camp? is he in Pocket Camp in order for me to unlock him?
Stacia <3 25days ago
Hey everyone

I play daily and update my market box daily. I sell lychees, cherries, and am always willing to help out. I’m online all day. Add me if you are willing to help out too. :)


Stacia <3
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<< Anonymous(Stacia <3)
Debbie aka mimisdebb 21days ago Reply
I'm always selling lemon. Needing lychees. I've sent a friend request on pocket camp. Please see!!
Celia 25days ago
Please I’m lonely
Celia LaBarbera 25days ago
How do I request cotton? I’m on level 5 is there a certain level I need to be to request items?
Anonymous 27days ago
Play daily

9693 5271 564
Friend request
Please add me: 88630017007
Will give Kudos, lending hands, watering, and selling things cheap! Online daily.
Add me! 88712479930
I sell lychees and other fruits at good prices :) And I'm on daily! Add me!

ID: 7436 8264 234

Especially looking for people with grapes and lemons to sell fairly, but anyone is great! <3
<< Anonymous(🔥)
🔥 Reply
My only request is you give kudos when you're online...I'll return the favor xoxo
<< Anonymous(🔥)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Im always selling lemons if in stock. Willing to give kudos for kudos. I also water plants and share items. Please see my friends request on pocket camp
add me! selling grapes , fruits, and fish for cheap :)

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