Lovely armoire (lovely pink)

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp lovely armoire lovely pink , lovely series , unlock, how to get, crafting, animals, materials needed.
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update 15/11/2017

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lovely armoire

cute theme

How to Unlock

work in progress

How to Get

You can order the lovely armoire through the Craft menu.

Materials neededlovely armoirelovely armoire x6
woodwood x60
Bell cost1,430
Craft time1 min.


Variationlovely pink
Selling price448
SetLovely Series
Animal Gift ExclusiveNo
Difficulty to Unlock

Lovely Series

IconNamePurchase PriceSells For
lovely armoirelovely armoire2240560
lovely bedlovely bed2000500
lovely carpetlovely carpet1980495
lovely chairlovely chair1600400
lovely dresserlovely dresser2160540
lovely end tablelovely end table1800450
lovely kitchenlovely kitchen2280570
lovely lamplovely lamp1600400
lovely love seatlovely love seat2000 bells; 3 MEOW coupons500
lovely tablelovely table1800450
lovely vanitylovely vanity2200550
lovely walllovely wall1880470
lovely wall clocklovely wall clock1960490


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6417 4849 735 add me please~ :3
Nantyzis- you can sell them or you can give them to your friends when they ask for a bug or you c...
Personally I won't be making it level 5. The flowers on the ladders are too cute for me and ...
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