Cabana screen

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cabana screen, theme, how to get, how to unlock, materials, resources, cost, price.
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New animals have been leaked!!
update 04/12/2017

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cabana screen
Purchase Price40 medals
Sells For--
Obtained FromIsland Gift Shop
SetCabana Series
ThemeHarmonious, Rustic

Cabana Series

IconNamePurchase PriceSells For
cabana armchaircabana armchair40 medals; 3 MEOW coupons--
cabana bedcabana bed40 medals; 3 MEOW coupons--
cabana bookcasecabana bookcase40 medals--
cabana chaircabana chair40 medals--
cabana dressercabana dresser40 medals--
cabana flooringcabana flooring40 medals--
cabana lampcabana lamp40 medals; 3 MEOW coupons--
cabana screencabana screen40 medals--
cabana tablecabana table40 medals; 3 MEOW coupons--
cabana vanitycabana vanity40 medals--
cabana wallcabana wall40 medals; 3 MEOW coupons--
cabana wall radiocabana wall radio40 medals--
cabana wardrobecabana wardrobe40 medals--


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Is there anyway to use two floor coverings at once? If I try to use two carpets one is taken away.
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