Animal Crossing App at Nintendo Direct [Sep 13, 2017]

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Nintendo Direct

What's Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo informs their consumers about their latest products by broadcasting an online video presentation. It can be information about their upcoming consoles or softwares. Each region has a different presenter and usual presenter is the current president of a certain region. This presentation is stream simultaneously online.

Nintendo Direct at last time

The last Nintendo Direct aired last July 6, 2017 was about Splatoon 2. Massive of information about this latest Nintendo Switch shooter game was divulged particularly in the customizations in the game, companion mobile app and in-game events.

Nintendo Direct Sep 13, 2017

What will Nintendo announce?

Nintendo will be broadcasting a 45 minute presentation of information for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS tomorrow. This might be upcoming game softwares for these platforms, but they might include mobile softwares too. Nintendo will surely provide focus on Super Mario Odyssey that will be released next month, October 27th.

Will Nintendo mention Animal Crossing App?

All of us are hoping of the early release date of the Animal Crossing Mobile App. However, according to the JP Nintendo official home page, any information regarding mobile games won't be announced.


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