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A hat is a piece of clothing worn on top of the head for your comfort and style. A variety of hats are available for you to collect. Some hats are meant for boys and some are for girls. You can always purchase hats from the Able Sisters and from Gracie. You'll receive hat as a present occasionally.

List of items

accessorieshair accessories
star hairpin
star hairpin
yellow ribbon
yellow ribbon


Page: Sporty


Page: Official
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
black veilGracieGrace (winter)40001000
blue plaid fedoraLabelle32080
bridal veilGracieGrace (spring)72001800
captain's hatIsland Gift Shop15 medals187
chef's hatLabelle36090
driver's hatKapp'n's RV36090
emperor's capLabelle (JP, 3/1 through 3/3)1320330
flamenco hatDLC (EUR)1600400
mailman's hat50,000,000 Bells in savings account1600500
matador's hatGracieGrace (spring)1200300
nurse's capLabelle1200300
pilot's hatLabelle960240
plain black capLabelle36090
police capLabelle480120
sailor's hatIsland Gift Shop15 medals187
scholar's hatLabelle420105
school hatLabelle24060
student capLabelle1600400
top hatLabelle480120
white police capDLC (KOR)480120


Page: Flashy
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
afro capLabelle720180
afro wigLabelle600150
banana-split hatGracieGrace (fall)3508877
blue ogre maskBean Day (JP, Isabelle)3508160
bug maskLabelle (October)1032258
fi maskFortune cookie #501032210
ghost maskLabelle (October)1032258
green-pumpkin headHalloween (neighbor trick), Jack's RV3 MEOW coupons1000
hot-dog hatGracieGrace (fall)1200300
jester's capLabelle36090
majora's maskFortune cookie #9360210
makar's maskLabelle24060
midna's maskFortune cookie #11240210
mohawk wigLabelle480120
monster maskLabelle (October)1032258
mummy maskLabelle (October)1032258
ogre's wigLabelle (JP)1200300
pumpkin headHalloween (neighbor trick)40001000
purple-imp hoodLabelle1200300
purple-pumpkin headHalloween (neighbor trick), Jack's RV3 MEOW coupons1000
red ogre maskBean Day (JP, Isabelle)3 MEOW coupons160
red-pumpkin headHalloween (neighbor trick), Jack's RV3 MEOW coupons1000
shower capLabelle24060
skeleton hoodLabelle (October)1032258
ski maskLabelle600150
tingle hoodKatrina1200300
wario hatLabelle800200
werewolf hoodLabelle (October)1032258
yellow-pumpkin headHalloween (neighbor trick), Jack's RV10321000 bells; 3 MEOW coupons


nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
birthday shadesBirthday (if you're good friends with a neighbor)103260
Callie wigCece's RV3 MEOW coupons60
combat helmetLabelle960240
dj capLabelle600150
high-spirits hatHolden's RV3 MEOW coupons150
Marie wigViché's RV3 MEOW coupons150
pirate's hatIsland Gift Shop15 medals187
regent wigLabelle480120
samus maskFortune cookie #10480210
terry-cloth do-ragLabelle24060


Page: Modern
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
cloche hatGracieGrace (winter)48001200
gracie hatGracieGrace (summer)80002000


Page: Ornate
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
coin headpieceGracieGrace (winter)48001200
elegant hatGracieGrace (winter)64001600
Festivale accessoryLabelle (the week before Festivale through Festivale), Pavé's RV680 bells; 3 MEOW coupons170
flashy hairpinGracieGrace (summer)48001200
floppy hatGracieGrace (summer)48001200
funky wigGracieGrace (fall)48001200
girl's day updoLabelle (JP, 3/1 - 3/3)1332333
hair-bow wigGracieGrace (spring)48001200
matronly bunLabelle480120
royal crownLabelle1200000300000
tiara hairGracieGrace (spring)72001800


Page: Basic
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
blue pom-pom hatLabelle32080
green knit hatLabelle32080
straw boaterLabelle32080
stripe knit capLabelle32080



Page: Cute
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
baby's hatLabelle400100
badge hatLabelle32080
balloon hatballoon320150
bear capLabelle480120
big bro's hatLabelle32080
birthday hatBirthday320100
blue new year's hatCountdown event (Dec. 31st, Redd)30075
blue nightcapLabelle30075
blue pikminFortune cookie #14300210
blue ribbonLabelle24060
braided wigLabelle480120
bulb bopperFireworks Show (Isabelle)48040
bunny hoodLabelle, Zipper T. Bunny's RV1600 bells; 3 MEOW coupons400
bun wigLabelle480120
cat capLabelle480120
dandy hatLabelle32080
flower bopperFireworks Show (Isabelle)32040
frog capLabelle480120
grape hatLabelle640160
green new year's hatCountdown event (Dec. 31st, Redd)30075
heart bopperFireworks Show (Isabelle)240040
heart hairpinLabelle24060
hibiscus hairpinIsland Gift Shop20 medals60
kappa capIsland Gift Shop (rare)20 medals60
kintaro wigLabelle (JP)3200800
kiwi hatLabelle640160
li'l bro's hatLabelle32080
mandarin hatLabelle640160
melon hatLabelle640160
moon hairpinLabelle24060
orange knit hatLabelle32080
pink knit hatLabelle32080
pink nightcapLabelle30075
purple knit hatLabelle32080
red hoodLabelle400100
red new year's hatCountdown event (Dec. 31st)40075
red pikminFortune cookie #13400210
red pom-pom hatLabelle32080
red ribbonLabelle24060
ribboned straw hatLabelle32080
santa hatLabelle (12/1 - 12/24)640160
small silk hatGracieGrace (spring)2400600
snowman headSnowboy2400666
star bopperFireworks Show (Isabelle)240040
star hairpinLabelle24060
strawberry hatLabelle640160
toad hatFortune cookie #12640210
tulip hatLabelle640160
watermelon hatLabelle640160
wizard's capLabelle20050
yellow pikminFortune cookie #15200210
yellow ribbonLabelle24060
y. new year's hatCountdown event (Dec. 31st, Redd)30075


Page: Fancy
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
Celeste ribbonCeleste's RV3 MEOW coupons1600
Cinnamoroll hatChai's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons1600
flower fairy wigObtain at least 10,000 points in Garbage Attack on any difficulty in Puzzle League3 MEOW coupons600
Hello Kitty hatRilla's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons600
Kerokerokeroppi pinsToby's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons600
Kiki and Lala pinÉtoile's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons600
Lottie's bunLottie's RV3 MEOW coupons600
My Melody hatChelsea's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons600
Pompompurin hatMarty's RV (Sanrio)3 MEOW coupons600


Page: Iconic
nameObtained FromPurchase PriceSells For
alpinist hatLabelle32080
cavalier hatLabelle36090
celebration hatKatrina24060
conical straw hatGulliver (correct; Vietnam)1200300
detective hatLabelle32080
football helmetLabelle1200300
Ganondorf wigGanon's RV1200300
geisha wigLabelle1600400
grandpa hatLabelle420105
hero's capFortune cookie #8420210
hunter's capLabelle32080
Link hatGanon's RV, Epona's RV, Medli's RV, Wolf Link's RV3 MEOW coupons80
lion-dance maskLabelle1600400
milkmaid hatLabelle32080
new hero wigGanon's RV, Epona's RV, Medli's RV, Wolf Link's RV3 MEOW coupons80
newsprint helmetBoy's Day (JP, Isabelle)3 MEOW coupons20
outback hatLabelle32080
paperboy capLabelle460115
puffy hatLabelle36090
shamrock hatShamrock Day (NA/EU, Isabelle)360400
Sheik maskEpona's RV3 MEOW coupons400
silk hatLabelle32080
stagehand hatLabelle (JP)600150
straw hatIsland Gift Shop15 medals187
tam-o'-shanterDLC (EUR)40001000
Zelda wigWolf Link's RV3 MEOW coupons250


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