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update 14/04/2017
This page is written based on Animal Crossing: New Leaf since Animal Crossing mobile game is unreleased yet. Updated once new information confirmed!

What are golden tools?

Golden tools are the best and final variation of your standard tools. Each golden tools requires a certain objective to accomplish. These tools are unbreakable and provide better function compare to the silver tools.

Golden Shovel

If you bury Bells using this Golden tool, a Bell Tree (Money Tree) grows. It increases the effect of fertilizer too.

Unlock requirements

  • Purchase 50 fertilizer at T&T Emporium's Garden Corner then, Leif gives you this item.

Golden Can

Golden Can waters flowers in a wider radius than the Silver Can.

Unlock requirements

  • Keep the environment of the town "Perfect" for 15 days.

Golden Slingshot

Shooting 3 rocks at once is possible using this tool.

Unlock requirements

  • Shot down 14 balloons or more using a Slingshot. Three golden balloons carrying a toolbox might appear in your town.

Golden Rod

Using this tool, there is a better chance of successfully catching fish than with the Silver Rod.

Unlock requirements

  • Complete the fish encyclopedia and talk to Chip at the Fishing Tourney.

Golden Axe

The Golden Axe never breaks.

Unlock requirements

  • Purchase 50 saplings at the Gardening Store, then Leif gives you this tool.

Golden Net

The Golden Net has a longer reach than the Silver Net.

Unlock requirements

  • Complete a bug encyclopedia and talk to Nat at Bug Off.


Your A Liar
None of this is even remotely applicable to pocket camp. Tools dont break, there are no silver tools. No presents exist to shoot down. There are no encyclopedias for collecting bugs or fish. Sapplings arent a thing, nor does a shovel exist with which to bury or plant things...

Pretty sure you guys got the entirely wrong game listed for this article/submission.

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