Valentine's Day

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update 26/03/2017

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Note: This page is based on an assumption referencing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the Animal Crossing mobile game is not released yet. Will be updated once the game gets available!

On this special occasion, you’ll get some mails with present. If you have the coffee shop in your town, Brewster will serve your hot chocolate instead of the usual coffee.

DateFeb 14
TimeAfter 6:00am

Items from the letters

Your secretary Isabelle will send a letter with chocolate cake as a present. Your mom will not forget to send you a gift via mail. The villagers with a strong relationship with you, will send you pink or purple roses through mail as well.

Isabellachocolate cake
chocolate cake
Your motherFloral knit, Dark brown knit, cacao tree
Villagerspurple rose
purple rose

pink rose
pink rose


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6417 4849 735 add me please~ :3
Nantyzis- you can sell them or you can give them to your friends when they ask for a bug or you c...
Personally I won't be making it level 5. The flowers on the ladders are too cute for me and ...
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