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How to install Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK, link to APK, how to make an account in Australia app store.
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update 26/10/2017

Is there Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK?

Since Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has already been soft-launched in Australia, there is already Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK. You can install it and play it instantly.

Note that we can't guarantee it can be installed safely. At least I have been playing it without any problem on my phone.

Soft-launch in Australia

Animal Crossing mobile should be available on both iOS and Android. As reference, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, games that were developed by Nintendo and DeNA, are available on these platforms (Super Mario Run become available on March 2017).


Tommy046 12days ago
Hello!!! I can't run the game in my iPhone. I downloaded it in the appstore and its crashing! Argggh! anyone?
<< Anonymous(Tommy046)
GameA1 12days ago Reply
Isn't the APK link working for you? The app is currently only available in Australia by the way.
<< GameA1
Tommy046 11days ago Reply
I downloaded the game using an AU Apple ID. Apk is for Android. Not for iOS. I'm using a jailbroken iPhone 6s 10.2.
<< Anonymous(Tommy046)
us525878 8days ago Reply
Hi Tommy046, If you are using a jailbroken iPhone, you can't run the game even you downloaded it from the App Store with an AU Apple ID. Since the game is online, they can detect if you are using a modified system. Try using tsprotector+ from Cydia.

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Ah! Finally the official release! Come to android soon!
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