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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Christmas event, toy day, Christmas Eve, Jingle, special furniture, special items.
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update 29/11/2017

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Note: This page is based on an assumption referencing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the Animal Crossing mobile game is not released yet. Will be updated once the game gets available!

You’ll see Jingle around your town carrying a bag of gifts. He'll need you to deliver some presents to your villagers, but you must wear a Santa Claus costume. You need to talk to each villager and give their present. Once you are done with the task within the given time, Jingle will hand you a gift.

DateDecember 24
Time6:00pm - 6:00am
LocationAround your town
Featured characterJingleJingle
Obtainable items
  • Santa outfit
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Jingle's Picture

Obtainable items

  • The complete Santa outfit is available in the shops including Able sisters and Kicks.

  • Jingle will give you the Christmas Wreath as a reward for helping him out.

  • In order for you to obtain Jingle's Picture, you need to deliver each gift perfectly. Villagers will give clues before the 24th of December on what they want as a present.


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